Past events

The Contemporary FD Bitesized Thumbnail
The Contemporary FD Bitesized Webinar

We are delighted to invite you to the next in our series of Contemporary FD Bitesized webinars, jointly hosted with our strategic partners Evelyn Partners.

30th Nov 23

Unlocking Value Creation Thumbnail
Unlocking value creation - The powerful combination of business purpose and diverse personnel

Join us for a refreshing and thought-provoking webinar, hosted by EquityFD, where we hear from three CFOs sharing their experiences as leaders in growth, scaling businesses with very clear missions.

22nd Nov 23 - 22nd Nov 23

Translating U Kto Us Thumbnail
Translating UK business success to the US

As part of our strategic partnership with Evelyn Partners we are delighted to be able to welcome you to join them at a special face-to-face event with a panel of experts to explore how to do business in the US.

18th Oct 23 - 18th Oct 23

The Fword Thumbnail
The F word 2023

Sarah is delighted to be joining the Weathiher Network's flagship event, The F word, exploring the four areas of wealth: Professional, Health, Personal and Financial.

10th Oct 23 - 10th Oct 23

Mastering Scale Thumbnail
Mastering Scale Breakfast

As part of our strategic partnership with Evelyn we are delighted to be able to extend an invitation to our Scottish network to their Mastering Scale Breakfast.

3rd Oct 23 - 3rd Oct 23

A Iandthe Board Thumbnail
AI and the Board

Cindy is delighted to have been invited to the FT Board Programme’s next NED Conversations members’ networking event.

19th Sep 23 - 19th Sep 23