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Doris Honold

Doris Honold’s corporate career would span some 25 years, involve two major international banks with a focus on finance, risk and change management and lead to her living in Western Europe, North America and East Asia.

1st Nov 22

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Mark Foster

There are not many people who can cite William Shakespeare and Whitney Houston as figures who have influenced their careers. Mark Foster is one of them and so much more besides.

13th Jul 22

Jagjit Dosanjh-Elton

Jagjit Dosanjh-Elton is a walking, talking demonstration of the fact that it is entirely possible to successfully hold a portfolio of cross sector Executive and Non-Executive roles.

6th May 22

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Mark Whitby

Mark's exten­sive port­fo­lio includes being the Chair of an EdTech com­pa­ny, a NXD for STEM Learn­ing UK and Gov­er­nor for both a pri­ma­ry and secondary School.

21st Mar 22

Helen Flynn

Helen Flynn is obviously a very busy person and the heart and soul of the Yorkshire Dales where she lives.

15th Dec 21

Daryn Edgar square
Daryn Edgar

Reading Daryn’s LinkedIn profile is exhausting! Fortunately, conversation is much more relaxing.

21st Oct 21