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Andy King Thumnail
Andy King

Andy King has become over the course of his career a true Mr Retail. It cannot be claimed that this was part of some master plan.

29th Aug 23

Frank Collins Thumbnail
Frank Collins OBE

Through his individual initiatives and the investments with which he has been associated, Frank Collins OBE has, albeit indirectly, been responsible for enhancing, indeed saving, many lives.

9th Jun 23

Clare Lacey Thumbnail
Clare Lacey

Clare Lacey is a relatively new non-executive director, the timing of that status coming as something as a surprise even to herself.

12th May 23

Chris Dobson Thumbnail
Chris Dobson

To say that Chris Dobson has had quite an interesting career would be an understatement akin to noting that some Premier League Footballers are quite well paid.

27th Feb 23

Sarah Willingham In Conversation Thumbnail
Sarah Willingham

The terms “business”, “finance” and “enterprise” are often deployed interchangeably. There is some overlap between them to be sure, but they are emphatically not three different ways of saying the same thing.

13th Dec 22

Doris Thumbnail
Doris Honold

Doris Honold’s corporate career would span some 25 years, involve two major international banks with a focus on finance, risk and change management and lead to her living in Western Europe, North America and East Asia.

1st Nov 22