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Big Society Capital’s Tenth Anniversary

An evening of celebration and inspiration, reflecting on the progress and potential of social impact investment.

5th May 22

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Lessons in Leadership

There are believed to be more than 15,000 books presently in print on the subject of leadership. It is extraordinary, therefore, that so many people currently in positions of political, corporate and public prominence appear not to have read any of them

22nd Apr 22

Flag of ukraine in kyiv
Ukraine. The unspoken and the unspeakable.

Even if one wanted to bury a head in the sand it is virtually impossible to do so. We are all involved.

10th Mar 22

Equity businesses keep calm in political turmoil
Britain, Italy Without The Weather

We think of Britain as representing consistency. It has not felt quite like that recently. If we are candid about it, this has not been that true for some time.

28th Jan 22


A mere two years ago the acronym WFH was probably less well known than WTF. Now it is, once again, a dominant feature of the lives of millions of people.

16th Dec 21

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Net Zero - A Supersonic ESG Agenda

COP-26 is the real start of a serious process that will have immense implications for companies

17th Nov 21