Equity IQ Chair

For the last few years we have been using our bespoke, on-line job spec diagnostic tool, the Equity IQ, at the start of our CFO, FD and FC retained recruitment processes to good effect. In 2020 we broadened this and launched a new tool alongside this The Equity IQ Chair, specifically focused on hiring the Chair.

The tool takes the form of an on-line questionnaire which takes only 10 minutes to complete and has been developed in collaboration with Mike Hicks at Catalysis using his skills in Management Due Diligence and from a close analysis of the role specifications in over 50 Chair briefs we have worked on.

From this analysis we have developed very complete lists of questions which we make available to up to 4 of the hirers at the beginning of the assignment.

It asks respondents individually not only to consider what is required but also to rate how important each skill or deliverable is relative to each other. As the Chair IQ was developed from hires into very similar situations, most often an investor backed, exit driven business, they enable respondents to triangulate their thoughts with those other hiring processes, as well as effectively allowing us to ask many more questions than we possibly could face to face.

As it is completed individually by each respondent and results are received by us and put into a report, it also has the very real benefit of allowing input from all interested parties. This illuminates areas of both consensus and difference at the beginning of the assignment, rather than some way down the line, ensuring the best possible chances of success.

As teams are often working remotely at present it ensures that all of their views and thoughts are incorporated and can be an aid to enabling members of a team to see the value in a role rather than just the cost of it.

For more information on the Equity IQ – Chair please contact Cindy Casciani.