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The Contemporary FD 2018: culture and control

We are very excited about our upcoming CFO Summit on 15th March at St Paul’s Etc Venue in Aldersgate Street in the City. This is the third year we have run this event (with our strategic partners Smith and Williamson). It is designed to get FDs and CFOs and those on that journey, together with their peers, to spend the day considering their wider role in an organisation and the influence they have as well as hopefully challenging themselves a little!

For the 2018 Summit we have taken as the focus, culture, with reference to business. We shall be considering how this has changed and is changing and the role of the CFO in all of this.

We are delighted that for our lunchtime keynote we have Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC, MP and our closing speaker, Sean Fitzpatrick – former captain of the All Blacks.

In between we have sessions on such wide ranging topics as ‘Leadership Behaviours - the FD and Board as role models ‘and a brainstorm session entitled ‘Business Resilience – innovation and the value of diversity’.

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EquityChair and EquityFD are working with the BVCA again and hosting a Roundtable at High Growth 2018

The event is on the 20th June at Ham Yard Hotel - see the BVCA website for more details

For more information contact Sarah or Cindy.



Through our longstanding relationship with Smith & Williamson, we have become increasingly familiar with the excellent work of the Scale-up Institute. The Scale-up Institute looks at what support is needed and available across the UK for these businesses along their...

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The AI revolution, is it taking our jobs, even our Non-Executive Director ones?

Recently, I read an article detailing how a Hong Kong based venture capital firm, Deep Knowledge Ventures, had appointed a computer algorithm to its board of directors.  The programme, called Vital will vote on investment decisions after analysing lots...

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I was introduced to Cindy Casciani at EquityChair as part of my networking to build my non executive portfolio. Over this time, Cindy has been in touch regularly with a number of interesting and relevant private equity backed deals, some of which were very early stage and did not progress to completion. However, Cindy was incredibly professional in her management of the process, giving me very regular status updates.

Earlier this year, she approached me on behalf of Lyceum Capital to discuss the Chairmanship of CuroCare, ahead of the deal completing. As Cindy and I had been in touch a number of times since our first meeting, she had a very good understanding of my skills and business interests. CuroCare is in a space that interests me and I could see instantly how my skills and experience would add value to the business and complement the management team. I am delighted to be Chairman of this great business.

I would strongly recommend Cindy Casciani and EquityChair. Her experience of working in private equity has enabled her to genuinely understand the requirements of both the investor and the management when recruiting a Chairman. Cindy also understands that the completion of a private equity transaction can take time and that it is of the utmost importance to keep the lines of communication open between the potential Chairman, the business and the investor throughout the process.

Cindy’s open and easy style also made it very enjoyable to work with her.

Neil Gillis, Chairman of CuroCare

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EquityChair is a sister brand of EquityFD. Established in 2000, EquityFD focuses on CFO and FD recruitment and together with EquityFC (Financial Controller Recruitment) and EquityInterim (Interim finance hires) the businesses work together across a common, high growth client base. They are united in their focus on building real networks of value creating professionals.

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