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Contemporary NED Event, May 2018

Following on from the success of the Contemporary FD Summit in March, we will be co-hosting the Contemporary NED event in May alongside Smith & Williamson and NEDA. This year’s theme is:

Robots in the Boardroom – Fact or Fiction

AI (artificial intelligence) is a hot topic at the moment in and out of the boardroom. Whilst there has been a great deal of discussion about robots taking the jobs of humans in manufacturing and automated industries, should board directors be worried about the security of their roles? In May 2014 there was a lot written about a robot called Vital being appointed to the board of directors of a Hong Kong based venture capital firm, Deep Knowledge Ventures. In reality, it was a computer algorithm sifting through large amounts of data including financial information, clinical trials for particular drugs and previous funding to assist the human partners in their investment decisions. So is the imminent replacement of human workers by AI fact or fiction?

During the course of this afternoon we will hear from experts in the area of Artificial Intelligence who can shed light on the threats and opportunities available to us via AI. It is sure to be a very interesting afternoon.


EquityChair and EquityFD are working with the BVCA again and hosting a Roundtable at High Growth 2018

The event is on the 20th June at Ham Yard Hotel - see the BVCA website for more details

For more information contact Sarah or Cindy.



Through our longstanding relationship with Smith & Williamson, we have become increasingly familiar with the excellent work of the Scale-up Institute. The Scale-up Institute looks at what support is needed and available across the UK for these businesses along their...

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The AI revolution, is it taking our jobs, even our Non-Executive Director ones?

Recently, I read an article detailing how a Hong Kong based venture capital firm, Deep Knowledge Ventures, had appointed a computer algorithm to its board of directors.  The programme, called Vital will vote on investment decisions after analysing lots...

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Total Capital Partners worked with EquityChair to recruit a Chairman for our recent investment in Meter Provida.  Cindy Casciani was careful to listen and understand what was needed not only in terms of skills and experience but also cultural fit.  She provided an excellent short-list of candidates, all of a very high calibre. Throughout the process, Cindy provided continued support as we made our decision.  We were very impressed with the service provided – and we would recommend it to others. We will certainly look to work with EquityChair in the future.”

Natalie Eastham, Managing Partner, Total Capital Partners

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EquityChair is a sister brand of EquityFD. Established in 2000, EquityFD focuses on CFO and FD recruitment and together with EquityFC (Financial Controller Recruitment) and EquityInterim (Interim finance hires) the businesses work together across a common, high growth client base. They are united in their focus on building real networks of value creating professionals.

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