ICAEW Webinar – The Journey to CFO – International Women’s Day 2023

16th Mar 23

Journeyto CFO Caousel

EquityFD was delighted to host a webinar for International Women’s Day 2023 reaching out the ICAEW Women in Finance network and to EquityFD’s Women’s Network.

An hour went by far too quickly – not even any chance for questions . We could really have done with two hours! We heard from 4 amazing women CFO's who gave some great tips and advice about their journeys to the top job .

These included

  • Get a Mentor!
  • Get a Network!
  • Be curious about the business -develop a T shaped, commercial brain
  • Don’t self sabotage or judge others
  • See yourself on a journey where you are either ‘winning or learning’
  • ‘Bad news doesn’t get better with time’ – communication and relationship skills are key!
  • Differences of opinion are fine – it’s what you are being paid for as CFO – it’s just about how you position it!
  • Rely on your training
  • Take finance to the centre don’t pigeon hole it …

There is so much to learn – thank you to the four amazing women who took part, Dianne, Julie, Lauren and Anita.

The recording of the webinar can be found here.