Mastering Scale Breakfast

3rd Oct 23 - 3rd Oct 23


As part of our strategic partnership with Evelyn we are delighted to be able to extend an invitation to our Scottish network to their Mastering Scale Breakfast.

“Mastering Scale” will bring together a combination of FinTechs and key businesses from the broader ecosystem to discuss the elements required to successfully scale and some common pitfalls. The event will consist of a short panel discussion followed by interactive Q&A.

Confirmed Speakers


TechPassport, are the catalysts of FinTech transformation. Founded in 2019, their visionary SaaS platform bridges the gap between financial institutions and FinTech providers, revolutionising how they collaborate and innovate. Their pioneer innovation, the Enterprise Ready Questions (ERQs), streamlines onboarding processes, reducing due diligence time while providing a curated marketplace of Enterprise Ready products. Financial institutions gain the power to confidently find and engage with FinTechs that align with their precise needs, backed by key data points for informed decisions.

With a rapidly growing network of FinTechs and partnerships with 16 leading financial institutions, we're changing the way business gets done. TechPassport isn't just a platform; it's the driving force behind a FinTech revolution, enabling efficiency, collaboration, and success in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

Scottish Enterprise

Kerry Sharp, Director of Entrepreneurship & Investment

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s main economic development agency, responsible for the organisations start to scale services and commercial investment activities working in partnership with Highland and Islands Enterprise and South of Scotland Enterprise.

The Entrepreneurship & Investment directorate supports businesses to start up and scale, providing tailored advice, funding and commercial investment to early-stage businesses with high growth and exporting potential, working in partnership with the entrepreneurial eco-system and private sector investors. We seek to grow Scotland’s private sector risk capital market, ensuring early-stage SME’s have adequate access to growth capital to reach their full potential.

N4 Partners

N4 Partners are an ambitious investment firm and invest both directly and with third party capital in aspiring companies with talented and diverse management teams. N4 invest directly or via their third party funds, the N4 Scottish Fund and recently launched N4 Ventures.

Royal Bank of Scotland Entrepreneur Accelerator

The Royal Bank Accelerator supports and empowers UK entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to the next level. If you are a business with ambitions to expand, the Royal Bank Accelerator programme could help whether you are looking to build your team, venture into new markets or seeking further investment.

Evelyn Partners

Evelyn Partners is a leading provider of wealth and business advisory services. We believe people who think beyond limits deserve a partner who can do the same. Together we can make sure your business and personal finances work together.

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