Motivation matters: the game-playing at GameStop

1 Feb 2021

This post is being published in the middle of a “short squeeze” currently shaking up financial markets on the other side of the Atlantic. The story of GameStop, the hedge funds than bet on its collapse, and the day-traders who stumbled into the counter-position and created ten-figure losses for Wall Street (yes, ten figures) says something very interesting at the start… Read more

It’s the pipeline, stupid

14 Feb 2020

Are we seeing some progress at last on diversity in business leadership? The news is good from the FTSE 100, whose constituent companies have collectively filled a third of their director positions with women, according to the Hampton-Alexander Review (H-AR), up from 12.5% in 2011. The press has duly reported this as a victory for equality. The 33% figure is important because… Read more

This is fine; this is finance

24 Jan 2020

Are we all in denial or have we just become desensitised to drama? After a period of massive upheaval and uncertainty – handily demarcated on either side of the Atlantic by Trump and Brexit since 2016, and by various Eurozone crisis from a little earlier – it seems as if markets and businesses have reached a point where reacting to our… Read more


21 Jun 2017

Through our longstanding relationship with Smith & Williamson, we have become increasingly familiar with the excellent work of the Scale-up Institute. The Scale-up Institute looks at what support is needed and available across the UK for these businesses along their journey. A recent article in Real Deals highlighted that we live in a time of exceptional business growth. This statement is supported by research… Read more

The AI revolution, is it taking our jobs, even our Non-Executive Director ones?

29 Sep 2016

Recently, I read an article detailing how a Hong Kong based venture capital firm, Deep Knowledge Ventures, had appointed a computer algorithm to its board of directors.  The programme, called Vital will vote on investment decisions after analysing lots of data. This got me thinking, if even a Non-Executive Director role can (in some, small way) be performed by a computer algorithm,… Read more

Sarah appears on CMS (Cameron Mckenna)‘s website this month in a featured article

17 Aug 2016

This month our spotlight article features Sarah Hunt who joined CMS back in 1989.  Sarah gives us the low down on her career so far and reveals her passion for helping young people into the world of business. When did you work at CMS (Cameron McKenna) and in what team? I joined what was then Cameron Markby Hewitt as a trainee in 1989 and qualified… Read more

Impact investing

21 Mar 2016

We were recently appointed the exclusive Non-Executive Director and Chairman recruitment partner with Big Society Capital to work with the funds in which they invest to appoint relevant Non-Executive Directors and Chairmen. We are delighted!  This is not only a great opportunity for us, but also a great source of opportunities for our non-executive network.  It is also an indication of the… Read more

Britain - The Innovation Nation

13 Nov 2015

~~Earlier this year the BVCA held a summit celebrating the innovative nature of Britain and it got me thinking… hasn’t this always been the case?  A little bit of research confirmed this for me.  As scientific method advanced throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the rate of innovation and discovery increased driven by the need to solve practical problems.  The English… Read more

The Power of the Network

22 Apr 2015

I have recently had cause to reflect on the “power of the network.”  This is something I often hear people make reference to but I wonder if they really value it.  I do, I have built a career out of developing an incredibly powerful network and remain proud and always a little amazed that I am able to access such high… Read more

The May election and business

6 Feb 2015

With so many of the political commentators convinced that May will be only the first election of 2015, I began to wonder what this really means in terms of business activity.  Iain Dale of The Independent wrote (18 January, 2015): “Britain is on the verge of months, or maybe years of political uncertainty.  It would take three parties to form a coalition,… Read more