Contemporary FD Bitesized – June 2022

1st Jul 22

The next in our series of Contemporary FD Bitesized webinars, jointly hosted with our strategic partners Equity FD. These are designed to supplement our annual Contemporary FD Summit where the CFOs and FDs of the country's most exciting, innovative and ambitious companies will come together again in September 2022 to share ideas, insights and advice.

For this session we are delighted to welcome an exciting double act in both the Founder/ CEO, Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela and the CFO, Richard Goldsmith of AI powered Alva. Alva is on an exciting journey, supporting its clients to make better decisions with Stakeholder Intelligence. Using a combination of AI tech with sector analysts they analyse millions of alternative data, including media, regulator, investor, government, public and NGO sources to provide a fully integrated intelligent solution to public companies covering their ESG, risk, reputation and media profiles.

Alberto and Richard will be giving us a fascinating insight into the journey that they and the business are on together reflecting on a broad range of areas including:

  • Their take on the CFO / CEO partnership
  • Raising equity and managing investor relationships and other partnerships, including with their US PE investor. The challenges and opportunities of scaling up internationally
  • An overview of the fascinating use of AI and machine learning in their business