Noun: A separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs.

Verb: Act as chair of or preside over (an organisation, meeting, or public event).

Synonyms: noun. seat - stool verb. preside

  • “Chairman of the Board” is the name of a 1998 comedy starring Raquel Welch. In the film a surfer and investor called Edison inherits a billionaire’s company and becomes the Chairman of the Board. It’s claim to fame? It is widely regards as one of the worst films ever made!!
  • “Chairmen of the Board” is an American-Canadian soul music group in the 1970’s whose lead singer was the late General Johnson.
  • In June 2017 there were six current female Chairs in the FTSE 150: Anita Frew (Croda International), Alison Carnwath (Land Securities Group), Manjit Wolstenholme (Provident Financial), Susan Kilsby (Shire), Sarah Bates (St James’s Place) and Helen Alexander (UBM).
  • In 2017 the average age of a female Chair in the FTSE 150 is 57.5. The average age of a male Chairman in the FTSE 150 is 64.1.
  • 16 of the current FTSE100 Chairmen were previously Finance Directors.
  • 28 of the current FTSE Chairs are not British.
  • Frank Sinatra was referred to as the “Chairman of The Board” after founding Reprise Records in 1961.
  • When you Google “Chairman: Images” – one of the most popular hits is Chairman Mao – far removed from the type of Chair we represent!
  • When using “Chair” as a verb (ie a “doing word”) it describes the role of a Chair – very much a “doing” role. A Chair is someone who makes a difference by what he/she does.
  • In 2002, Baroness Hogg became the first woman to chair a FTSE 100 company.