During the life cycle of a Private Equity deal there may be the need to change the board – e.g. add an additional Non Executive Director or perhaps change the Chair as the focus of the business changes, or as it looks to IPO, make an acquisition or expand internationally.  EquityChair’s many years of experience working with businesses to find them the right Chair or Non Executive Director makes us the ideal partner to lead this recruitment.  We have demonstrable research credentials enabling us to provide a complete recruitment process: accessing our extensive Chair and Non Executive Director network for candidates and referrals as well as conducting primary research to identify candidates previously unknown to us.  We then interview and assess these candidates to produce a shortlist of qualified candidates, within 4-6 weeks of instruction.  The research phase and all of the client contact is conducted by Cindy Casciani personally.  As a lean business we do not employ teams of researchers acting on behalf of the consultant.  The lead consultant is your representative throughout the search ensuring a consistent level of professionalism and knowledge throughout.

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